In Partnership

Being part of a co-operative means we are owned by our members and unlike privately-owned companies, co-operatives are not about making big profits for shareholders, they exist to create value and peace of mind for customers.

We do just 3 things with our profits

1. We reinvest

2. We provide our members with dividends

3. We give back to the local community

We are more than just your Personal Travel Agent- we're part of something larger. With over 70,000 members we're proud to be part of the largest independent co-operative in the UK and we keep our members at the heart of everything we do.

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About Your Co-op 2

Our Values

We are founded on fairness. 

In 1844 the first successful co-operative was founded by the Rochdale Pioneers. They opened their humble shop on Toad Lane, Rochdale, with the aim of supplying quality goods at fair prices, to help fund their own community.

Growing and Giving

Now over 1,400 societies have been set up across the UK, with even more elsewhere. As times changed, a lot of these had to combine to create larger, more efficient organisations

Still Standing Strong for Equality.

We provide our communities with the goods, support and funding they need to live better. We continue to give back to our local areas with every purchase made. And we mobilise colleagues and members to support community projects, working to clear targets of how we can give back to each community we serve.