What is the membership scheme?

Being a member of The Midcounties Co-operative means much more than just sharing in the rewards.

When you join to become a member it means that you also become part owners of the Society, and rewarded with dividend points for trading in one of our Midcounties businesses. However, not only do you get a share in the profits, but you also have the right to input into the policies helping to shape the future to reflect our own values.

...and it doesn’t end there. At Midcounties Co-operative they believe that it’s only fair to share the success with the very people and communities who contribute to it, and that means you, one of our members. That’s why Midcounties Co-operative return more of our profits back into local community projects. You control your membership. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. From simply using the societies businesses, to becoming a Board Director

How does the Share of Profits payment work?

The share of profits payment is made annually, usually in June. Members receive an amount for every point they have earned and that amount is agreed by the members and related to financial performance of the society.

Members can spend their vouchers within any of our groups, for example you an pop into your local Co-op Food shop and put it towards a bottle of bubbly. 

How does the membership scheme work for my customer booking a holiday?

Members receive 1 point for every £2.00 they spend on a holiday.

The membership number can be added to a member’s holiday booking at any point and points will be allocated at that point, not after travel on the holiday.

The Operational best practice detailing how you log points is available on Tavern in the “Travel Operations” folder.

To sign up a customer to be a member or for more information just visit http://joinus.midcounties.coop