Abu Dhabi is contemporary, lustrous and shimmering on the surface. The name Abu Dhabi means 'son of the gazelle' and is the capital of the UAE. It is a relatively sophisticated city, with its intrepid urban architecture and abundant gardens. The most fascinating destinations in Abu Dhabi emirate are the Liwa Oasis and the Oasis City of Al Ain, which are popular among visitors. Opulence and fashion are infused with habitual values of warmth and admiration. Sunlit weather conditions, serene beaches, abundant oases, effervescent city life, and a blend of ethnicity and traditions bring together to create a holiday experience like no other. Travel around the emirate’s old souqs, sip an aromatic Arabic coffee, ride the sandbanks on an enlivening desert expedition, or dive into an astounding marine life - there is something for everyone in Abu Dhabi. This city is the best choice for vacations, honeymoon, family holidays, family reunions, active travellers and scuba divers. There is no end to choices, who visit Abu Dhabi be it music, theatre, galleries, dining or shopping that you are after - the best holiday destination.

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This city is dotted with numerous fascinating tourist attractions that are worth visiting. The Corniche is the upshot of manmade brilliance which is a magnificently landscaped with a beachfront sites, public parks, fountains and resting areas. Most of the lures of Abu Dhabi are located in Al Ain. The charming oasis is home to the biggest museum in the United Arab Emirates, the Al Ain National Museum, and also the Al Ain Zoo, one of the greatest wildlife treasuries in the region. The impressive Hili Archaeological Gardens and the kids' favorite Hili Fun City are also popular among visitors. Abu Dhabi offers impressive package for all its visitors. Whatever your theme of interest is, this city's attractions will gratify to your predilections and make your vacation an impressive one.


Highs of 20 degrees in winter to 40 degrees and higher in July/August

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  • Best time of year to travel: Abu Dhabi is an all year round destination
  • Currency: Dirham
  • Flight time from UK: 7-8 hours
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