26 October 2018

While Prague is a fantastic year-round destination, the Czech capital really comes alive at Christmas. Markets spring up across the city's major public spaces and the air fills with the delicious aroma of authentic Czech festive treats. If you love everything about Christmas, then Prague should be top of your travel bucket. With delicious festive delicacies to seeing the famous Old Town Square Christmas Tree there’s so much to see at the Christmas Markets.

1.       There’s something for everyone.

Usually Christmas markets are confined to a relatively small area. That's certainly not the case in Prague, where there is markets dotted across the Czech capital. The most popular markets and the biggest can be found at Old Town Square. There’s stalls selling traditional Czech crafts, there’s a daily carol concert, dozens of stalls selling and a pretty nativity scene. The show stopper is the humongous  Christmas tree which can be seen as you enter Old Town Square. If you walk a short distance away, Then the Wenceslas Square hosts its own market, with lots of handmade goods crafted from wood, glass, iron and steel. For those who want to get some good Czech food with a festive twist, then you’ll find plenty at the Náměstí Republiky.

If you want to get away from the tourist crowd, head east of the city centre to Náměstí Míru where you’ll find a market made up of around 60 stalls. It may be smaller than its better-known counterparts, but it's popular with the local crowd, and it also tends to open earlier in the year than the others.


2.       The food is out of this world

Make sure you wear your baggy clothes as there’s plenty to indulge in. The Czechs love food and with the festive season upon them, there are lots of  festive delicacies. The smell of these tasty snacks is guaranteed to get your mouth watering from sweet treats to sumptuous savouries. Make sure to sample some the Prague ham known as Pražská Šunka, it’s famed as a local specialty and is known for its smoky taste, which you’ll find roasting over open fires throughout the city’s various markets. A Christmas market wouldn’t be complete without sausages so make sure you try a  klobása with a generous dollop of mustard. For those with sweet taste-buds get your hands on a trdelnik. A take on a the trending ‘churros’ this Slovakian pastry is made from spiralled dough, coated in sugar and cinnamon..



3.       A great place to try festive drinks

The temperatures are very cold, so take that as a warning but you can be warmed up with Prague’s seasonal drinks on offer. Svařák is the local take on mulled wine, but with more of a citrusy kick, while medovina is a hot, sweet honey wine that certainly warms the cockles on a chilly winter evening. Perhaps the most festive of all the Czech beverages is Becherovka, a Bohemian liqueur made with a secret blend of herbs. You can drink it straight, but it's best enjoyed when mixed with a warming Bohemian coffee.

4.       The famous markets are literally side by side

Usually I tend to book Prague for a short stay for my customers and luckily everything is close together. There’s no issue of getting trams or bus’s or walking for ages to get to best Christmas markets. The biggest and popular Christmas markets, at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are just a 10-min walk apart, so you have more time getting in the festive spirit rather than thinking of how you’re going to get from one market to the next.  

5.       The famous Old Town Square Christmas Tree

The Old Town Square Christmas tree erected in beautiful and something you must tick off at night when it’s lit up. It becomes an obsession for the city and organisers go to every effort to make it as show stopping as they can for the tourists and locals.


If you're looking to book a Christmas Markets break this year then do get in touch. From Milan to Berlin there's a huge range of Christmas Markets you can explore with your loved ones, making this years Christmas extra special.