1 June 2019

Increasingly experiences are becoming top of the list for many holidaymakers.... whilst the standard “week on the beach” is still the foundation of many a holiday we now demand more.... one off memories made, new skills learned, gastronomic adventures and of course the “Instagramability” factor are all becoming essential elements in our well earned annual break. Queue the Forte Village!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived at the Forte Village.... having been in the travel industry over 25 years I remember this hotel from years back when I was selling holidays over the counter in my local Pickfords Travel. It had a reputation for being absolute luxury and always attracted our most affluent customers even then. So I was really interested to experience the Forte Village of today for myself, even more so when I discovered they have invested £50million refurbishing the resort recently.

Made up of five 5* hotels, three 4* hotels and 13 villas there’s something for everyone. We were booked into the 5* Villa del Parco & Spa which is a proud member of Leading Hotels of the World. We arrived to the warmest of welcomes and were met at the main reception by our hotel manager Pierregiorgio (fondly known by his guests as PG for short). We had a Luxury room (No.261L) which was beautifully decorated to a very high standard with a balcony looking out onto the lush gardens with apricots hanging just out of reach from a nearby tree. The bathroom in particular was enormous and in all my years travelling the globe and experiencing many luxury hotels, I have never until now come across one that pops a couple of flowers in the toilet bowl to greet you.... an example of the attention to detail that was apparent in many areas.

You can’t deny that the Forte Village is a large resort but from our balcony it felt like we were in a small, intimate hotel with an enviable amount of facilities all within a five minute walk and if you are going as a couple I would recommend this hotel, not least because of the secluded location but also for its proximity to the spa which we were to learn was really very special.

The Forte Village is located on the South coast of Sardinia, just under an hour from Cagliari on the most stunningly beautiful stretch of beach with white sands and crystal waters. This alone would make your heart sing however add to this the various pool areas in the resort and the brand new (for 2019) for Le Dunes guests an exclusive rooftop infinity pool which exudes sophistication. All this means the Forte Village has your time relaxing in the sun more than amply covered however you prefer to catch those rays.

If you’re a bit of a foodie then you will be in heaven. Boasting 21 restaurants and a list of celebrity chefs and Michelin stars your only stress will be deciding which restaurants to enjoy. Every week from June to August there’s a celebrity chef at the resort and your Personal Travel Agent can help make the reservations for you to personally meet them and eat their menus. We experienced the local Sardinian restaurant, two of the gourmet restaurants Le Dune and Belvedere and Hells Kitchen in our four night stay and all were excellent and accompanied with fabulous local wines, although the wine list was extensive even if you wanted to treat yourself to a vintage. Some restaurants are included in the Half Board room rates and others carry a supplement but your Personal Travel Agent will be able to help you plan and make your reservations during your stay to get the tailored gastronomic experience you want.

So let’s talk experiences! This is where I think the Forte Village stands apart and has created something very special. With 19 sports academies throughout the summer children of all ages can not only learn a new skill or improve on existing skills but they can do it with the best Celebrity coaches. Work directly with Martin Johnson or Will Greenwood at the rugby academy.  Work with Denis Wise at the Chelsea Football Academy.... the list is endless with an array of sports academies, Chess, Magic and Dance academies.  Indeed if the young lady of the family is a Barbie fan then the Barbie Experience will create memories to last a lifetime with Barbie bed linen and towels on arrival in the room to making your own Barbie bags and jewellery to visiting the spa with your Mum for a girls manicure... every last detail thought of.

For every child and infant there’s something, and that in turn means happy parents of course!

That brings me nicely onto what was the highlight of the trip for us, the spa!  Hidden in amongst lush green gardens you can opt for a range of treatments, clinics and fitness courses or simply just relax in the amazing Thermo pools.... 6 pools each with therapeutic qualities that help detox and relax the body.  We were also privileged to experience the private spa which was an extensive and intimate area with 4 therapeutic pools and facilities to indulge either a couple or a private group.  Ideal for special occasions this area provided a tranquil oasis of relaxation in complete privacy.

So would I recommend the Forte Village?  Absolutely!  They have created something I think very unique, of the utmost quality that will provide many a holidaymaker  with lifelong memories, tales to tell and those all-important Instagram shots!  For more detailed information, availability and prices please contact your Personal Travel Agent.