2 October 2018

When it comes to deciding on a holiday destination, have you ever thought about combining a few destinations rather than one? Firstly, it makes the most of your holiday allowance if you want to make the most of a 9-14 days off work, and secondly you can tick off several cities on your bucket list. Occasionally it’s next to impossible to see everything a destination has to offer in a single trip. From skyscrapers to beaches or lush countryside to the dessert, as your Personal Travel agent I can build the most memorable multicentre which believe it or not, won’t cost the earth.  


Around The World - Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles

The beauty of this trip let’s you take in the whole world by stopping off and taking in soo many amazing cities. Derived from Chinese characters that mean ‘Fragrant Harbour’, Hong Kong is an enigmatic city of bright lights that never sleeps. Known for glittering skyscrapers, a prosperous economy and a mix of influences, your first stop is in a city that never sleeps. You then hop over to Australia, where when timed right, you can shake off the cold weather and enjoy the Southern Hemisphere. After taking in Melbourne’s city you can then stay in Bondi Beach in Sydney to get the real surf’s up experience. The holiday doesn’t end there, you then take a flight over to Los Angeles where you take can walk up Rodeo Drive or the famous Hollywood walk of fame.




American Dream - San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas

The West Coast of USA promises much and delivers, every time, especially for capturing the most show off pictures for Facebook. From the stunning endless Californian coastline to Las Vegas’ passion for indulgence, there’s adventure to fill that gap you’ve been waiting for. Full of ocean dipping in San Diego to skyscraper exploring in Los Angeles the list of things to do and memories to be made go on and on.





Flavour of Italy - Rome & Venice 

There’s so much to explore in Italy, so why not see the most romantic and historic cities of Rome & Venice. After arriving in Rome you can see the ancient Colosseum and Forum, the great basilicas and the Baroque fountains. But it doesn’t stop there, from Vatican City you can see Michelangelo's unmistakable and priceless paintings decorate the ceiling in the Sistine chapel. Following the beautiful history of Rome you then take on Venice where romance and beauty come alive. From finding your way through the narrow alleys and waterways it couldn’t be far different from Rome, so this multicentre is one of the best ways to see Italy’s finest cities.





Skyscapers & Beaches - San Francisco & Fiji

Starting off in a tourist dream, San Francisco is home to the amazing Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the old cable cars that run up and down the hills since 1873. This modern but historic city starts off filling up your camera roll before you jet off to the beautiful beaches of Fiji. Fiji is home to shimmering turquoise waters, swaying palm tree’s hugging the pristine white beaches. So the perfect end after some busy days as a tourist.


If you're looking on planning a trip of a lifetime stopping off at some of the most amazing destinations in the world, then as your Personal Travel Agent I can tailor make this for you. All you need to do is simply pick up the phone and let me know that dream destination you want to tick off, and I'll let you know where else you can hop off on the way. Making that 'we had a really good holiday' to 'we had a trip of a lifetime'.