27 March 2018

If you’re thinking of taking a single cruise for the first time, then like most of my customers you must have lots of burning questions. As your Personal Travel Agent, I work with countless cruise suppliers, but work specifically with cruise and river cruise providers who cater for the solo traveller. For example, 10% of Fred Olsen’s fleet are dedicated just for solo travellers with cabins tailored just for you.

Which ship is best for Solo cruisers?

Many ships accommodate solo travellers; however, we know the best ones to recommend based on your personal preference. Fred Olsen hold 190 rooms which differ in style, whereas Norwegian Cruise Line hold dedicated studio’s for their single passengers. One thing for sure is that the cruise ships have great itineraries and like minded solo travellers, so you can feel as alone/or not alone as you’d like.

Will I have to dine on my own?

Not at all, onboard your cruise are likeminded single travellers who invite you to join them for meals, whether that’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many of the cruise lines will include a welcome dinner to help you settle in and get to know each other. It’s a great way to catch up on your activities and experiences, or alternatively you can always dine on your own.

What age groups are on board?

You’ll find there are many different ages on board the ships, of all different ages. Typically, the solo cruise travellers are ages from their 50’s, 60’s to their 70’s. You’ll find with regular cruise goer’s age is just a number, as they value sharing destinations and experiences together.


Would I have limited choice?

When it comes to having everything under one roof it doesn’t get any better than a cruise. Whether you want to relax on the deck or explore one of your destination stops, you can do this alone or with other solo travellers. It’s also worth mentioning you’re not limited by destinations, you can travel worldwide or as local as you’d like.

Do I have to go to the activities/entertainment on my own?

The beauty of being a solo traveller is that you can attend as many of the events and activities when you want to. You have the choice of joining other single travellers on board as a group or if you want to attend them by yourself you have that option to. Depedning on the type of ship there are many activities and entertainment to keep you busy in the company of others, ranging from; professional dance classes, fitness classes, pool games, arts & crafts, dance nights, team games, theme parties, board games, karaoke, talent contests, fun nights, quizzes, sports activities. Plenty of choice, it's completely upto you.