18 October 2021

Sometimes hot chocolate just won’t cut it… for that real winter warmer, you need to hop on a plane and head for a sunnier climate. Swap snow for sunshine, rain for rainforests and dark days for a beach getaway.

While many of my customers managed a summer getaway this year, I understand the ever-evolving travel guidance meant that some weren’t able to make it away and so are looking toward a winter break.

Now we are heading into the colder months I bet you are wondering where is best to visit when? Here I have for you a handy guide to some of the warmest destinations you can visit from October to February.

Where’s hot in October?

In any given year, October is the perfect month to get away. It’s the last chance for families at October Half Term, and outside of that airports and resorts tend to be less crowded. While the temperatures of a far-flung escape remain appealing, there are still many destinations closer to home to give you that sunny fix. So here are my top 3 destinations for October travel

Where’s hot in November?

Finding a holiday destination where the temperatures are still high in November means travelling a bit further afield. The key is to head south, east, and west of the UK. With the USA borders reopening on 8th November, this would be the perfect time to head to Florida for that long overdue theme park fix.

Where’s hot in December?

Come December, hot summer days will be a distant memory and your days will be filled with frantic, last-minute Christmas shopping in cold, wet and windy weather. Or you can getaway to warmer climates with temperatures hovering around a sunny 20-25 degrees.

Where’s hot in January?

As if winter wasn’t bad enough, January’s arrival means there’s not much to look forward to until Easter. But there’s nothing to stop you from banishing those January blues with a dose of Vitamin D…

Where’s hot in February?

As the cold takes firm hold of Europe, sun-seeking generally requires a longer flight. Ditch those dreary cold winter mornings and treat yourself to a dose of winter sunshine in February.

I hope this has helped to inspire your winter getaway destination, so whether you fancy scorching Thailand in February or tantilising Madeira in October, contact me today and I can design the perfect holiday with you in mind.