Last updated 07/10/19 - 09:00


The CAA claims process is now open and the initial refund form is now available online to complete.

This will be the largest ever ATOL refund programme so to enable the CAA to process refunds as quickly as possible there is a simplified online refund form that is now available on the CAA Website

Once you have completed the initial form you will receive a message either on screen or via email to confirm that your claim has been submitted. You will then receive a follow up email giving you more information on what documents you need to send in order to support your claim.

Depending on how you have made your payments will determine what information the CAA require. It is also likely that you will require a copy of your ATOL Certificate and Thomas Cook confirmation invoice to send back to them.


If you paid by debit/credit card or charge card:

A clear copy of the card holders’ bank statement(s) showing all payments to your travel agent for this trip. Online statements should show the card holders name.


If you paid by cheque:

A clear copy of both sides of the cleared cheque; or

A letter from your bank or building society confirming how much the cheque was for, who it was made payable to and the date it cleared.


If you paid by cash;

Documentary evidence of the source of cash used for the payment being withdrawn from your bank, and;

Receipts stating cash as the method of payment.

Once you have submitted all documents and claim form, if you have any queries regarding the progress of your claim please contact the CAA directly on Tel: 0300 303 2800.

If we can be of assistance with anything else please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Personal Travel Agent or our Customer Care department on Tel: 01922 277212.


I am a Personal Travel Agent with The Personal Travel Agents at Co-operative Travel, the business is not owned or associated with Thomas Cook in any way.