I’m Elizabeth – creatrix of distant adventures. Welcome to my website!

For as long as I can remember I have been a global vagabond at heart. I fell in love with photography at the age of six and longed to be a postcard photographer… later an air hostess, holiday rep, interpreter or travel writer. I adored visiting Heathrow Airport as a child, watching the bustle and feeling the energy of so many people from every imaginable background all brought together by this one thread – travel.

In the end I worked in business development for a Korean company in the UK and my love affair with Korea began. I went there to teach English and worked as a freelance journalist; I spent nearly fourteen years as a diplomat with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with postings to Croatia and Slovakia, then retrained as a coach and NLP Master Practitioner working with youngsters competing in international sports (which occasionally takes me off to Andorra).

I’ve lived in five different countries and travelled to almost fifty at the time of writing. Mostly independently, but also accompanying other generations over the years – older and younger – which has given me a real insight into the varying needs of travellers, both en route and at the destination, whether babe-in-arms or elderly parents.

I’ve always loved researching possibilities and putting together a suite of arrangements to make every experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey to be remembered forever. And while adventure is still in my soul, I know that what my head or heart wants to do is not always matched by what my knees are capable of. So I love more than anything to seek out those off-the-beaten-track places which are relatively easy to get to and explore but which still give a thrilling sense of adventure.

Tell me where in the world you’re passionate about – let me know what makes your heart sing and I’ll find you an adventure of your own.

My last holiday was...

tracing my Great Aunt’s footsteps from the 1920’s when she travelled the world as one of the first people to manage a shop on board a cruise liner. She told stories about a snake temple in Penang, and my daughter and I set out to visit it, nearly 100 years on! My daughter was living in Thailand at the time – so my holiday itinerary started by meeting up with her at an ice-skating competition in Pattaya (she was coaching), dropping some of my luggage off in her flat just outside Bangkok and heading to Penang for a week together. Then we came back to Thailand, took a fabulous 3-night Intrepid tour of Chiang Mai and the north and then returned to Bangkok for a few more days’ rest and relaxation by the pool.  I do love a logistical challenge!

My next holiday is...

(I hardly dare write this as I’m so excited) – Three nights in Iceland, including a Northern Lights tour and whale watching, three nights in New York (with a Broadway Show on my to-do list) followed by a ten night Caribbean cruise. Packing for both extremes will be a challenge to be sure, but it’s going to tick off so many of my bucket list experiences!

My dream holiday is...

the next one!  And I definitely want to visit Antarctica, with the optional overnight camping trip. How cool would that be… literally!