13 January 2022


When you live it up, you have the best stories to tell. You rise inspired, ready for a day of exploration. You never miss a sunset and revel in the electricity of night as it comes to life in a brand-new light. Welcome aboard the all-new Norwegian Viva, the next stunning ship in a brand-new class, designed for you to live life to the fullest. Stay connected to the ocean with experiences that bring you closer to the horizon. Stretch out, way out, in our most spacious accommodation to date. And look forward to first-rate service so you can live it up every second. Join us on an all-new experience at sea, setting sail summer 2023.


Welcome aboard Norwegian Viva, the second in a new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation. Live it up exploring the warm turquoise waters of the Eastern Caribbean or the ancient ruins and natural beauty of the Mediterranean. You’ll explore the greater wide open with the most outdoor deck space of any new cruise ship. Unwind in our most spacious accommodation and enjoy first-in-class service. Book now and be immersed in the unforgettable, starting summer 2023.


Experience exhilaration, relaxation and every moment in between aboard Norwegian Viva. Ready to race the sea breeze like never before? The three-level Viva Speedway is longer, larger and zoomier than ever. Feel the rush of the fastest slides on the open ocean. Then slow things down — way down — with a dip into the horizon in the infinity pools. From exploring virtual worlds in the Galaxy Pavilion to sipping bubbly at Vibe Beach Club, there’s excitement for everyone aboard Norwegian Viva.


Live the suite life in our most spacious accommodation ever. Whether you want to freshen up, unwind or order delicious room service, you’ll have more space to do it all. Discover Norwegian Viva’s most luxurious accommodation in The Haven. Private lifts whisk you away to an exclusive enclave where your personal concierge and 24-hour butler will cater to every craving. Or watch stunning sunsets on the spacious balcony of our elegantly-appointed Club Balcony Suite. Come aboard and discover wide open wonders on a new experience at sea.

So, are you ready to experience Norwegian Viva? If you would like more information or to book your holiday on-board Viva then contact me today.